Want to become a member of PGC? All you need to do is purchase a  NEW COUPLES ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP TICKET (only one ticket needed per couple & purchased at the door only)…that ticket includes your PGC one year membership plus entry for one night!!! After you become a member, you only need to purchase a member couple ticket until your membership expires…. Please make sure you bring your State issued ID on all visits because this is your membership card, please read our club rules and club etiquette sections before attending and remember PGC is a BYOB….We only supply mixers but NEVER alcohol.




What is the average age range of the members?
Our average age range is between the mid to late 20’s through late 40’s. That in no way means we do not have members as young as 21 and some their 50’s. PGC has a very wide range of ages and is designed so that EVERYONE can have a great time!!!


What are the club hours of operation?
PGC is open every Friday and Saturday.
Fridays from 9 pm until 2 am.
Saturdays from 9 pm until 3 am.


Do I have to be 21 to attend?
Yes. We are a BYOB club, and everyone has to be at least 21 years old to attend. NO EXCEPTIONS! Everyone also needs to have a state-issued ID that will be verified at the door.


Do you have the Mixers for our drinks?
Yes. We provide all of the normal mixers. Diet Cola, Cola, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Tonic, OJ, Cranberry, Pineapple and Grapefruit. We do not have energy drinks, if you desire them, please bring them with your BYOB.


Do you have lockers?
Yes. You may bring your own lock.


Do we have to become a member to attend PGC?
Yes. All couples, single females & single males are required to become members of the club. This means you are required to pay an annual membership fee every year. You cannot enter the club until you have become a member.


Where can I purchase tickets for PGC events?
Currently we sell our tickets online and at the door.


Any advice on first timers to PGC?
Come with an open mind that you will have a no pressure good time on your terms. Be willing to meet people and prepare to make lifelong friendships. PGC also has host couples to give tours and answer any questions you might have…. HOST COUPLES AVAILABLE UNTIL 12AM.


Will single men approach us?
On Friday night events that we do allow single men, we encourage our single male members to be courteous and respectful, but we also encourage them to engage Couples and Singles. Just because a single male introduces themselves doesn’t require anything on your part, it’s just an introduction. If you do not want the company of a single male, respectfully let them know that you are looking for Couples or Single Females or just a simply thank you, but we are not interested, and they should leave you alone without question. If you have politely declined their introduction and they do not leave you to your party, please see a PGC staff member and we will be happy to assist.


What is the best way to meet people at PGC?
We suggest coming with confidence and leave your shyness at the door, everyone who is attending is here for mostly the same reasons, we say mostly because everyone has their way they want to interact in their lifestyle. Walk around and talk to people is the easiest, look for couples or singles sitting alone is a great time to approach. If you have dance skills, the dance floor is the prime place to get close and makes introductions much easier. PGC provides the location, the ambiance, the music, and the people. All you need to do is come in with an open mind, outgoing personality and have fun. Meeting people comes easier over time.





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