Club Etiquette

Always be friendly and courteous to those in the swingers club that you are visiting; especially those that you are interesting in swinging with. These people can be new to the lifestyle or old pros but each deserve your full respect.

1. Keep the innuendos and sex talk to a minimum. It doesn’t matter if you are in an adult swinger club, be aware of how you present yourself. Foul language, pick up lines or innuendos that are obvious are not usually welcome in clubs and especially by new members. Save the sex talk for a group or circle of friends who welcome that type of conversation.

2. Be sure to dress appropriately. Almost everyone at the adult swinger clubs is there for the same reason or curious about the lifestyle so there is no reason to wear sexually suggestive clothing. Keep it sexy but classy. In that same vein, try not to stare at others in the swingers club. It’s rude and won’t gain you any points among the other members.

3. Respect the other members. You may find yourself in a situation where you do not want to proceed in the arrangement. This is fully acceptable but be aware of other people’s feelings by letting them know in a respectful and kind manner; a simple gesture of kindness can go a long way. This goes both ways as well. If you feel that the couple you are with are uncomfortable, be open to letting them move on without making them feel bad about their decision.

4. Keep it clean. Be aware of your own personal grooming. Persons with bad breath, body odor or an uncleanliness to them will have a hard time finding other partners or couples. So be Hygienic. Remember to bathe or shower before attending events.

5. Don’t be a voyeur. Peeking into rooms where couples are engaged in sexual activity is rude and highly frowned upon. However if the club has a voyeur section then of course it’s welcomed.

6. Be neat and tidy. When you are done using an area, don’t forget to clean up after yourself. Dispose of condoms, wrappers, towelettes etc. and if something happens to make a mess not easy to clean up please inform someone from the staff.

7. Don’t get wasted. Excessive drinking is frowned on in the lifestyle and a big no no at clubs. If you do plan on drinking more than allows you to think straight make sure you have a sober partner and a safe way home. There is nothing more unattractive than a sloppy drunk person wondering around or passed out at a swingers club except of course a sloppy drunk person vomiting all over or passing out!!

Keep in mind that every swinger’s club or event may have different rules but if you follow the outlined tips on common etiquette you could be well on your way to enjoying the lifestyle without offending anyone or breaking the rules.

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