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PGC has just added some new events to our site and we have some updates you might want to check out!! We have added a Club Etiquette page just in case you might have any questions in this department, we have also put some good links up that you might find interesting and we will be adding more soon!! So come and take a look and keep coming back for some exciting updates. Please read the bottom portion of this email for important SLS info!! Hope to see everyone this weekend!!! Jenn xoxo
This weeks upcoming parties……..

Friday 4/20







Saturday 4/21








****IMPORTANT SLS INFO……Please be advised that SLS no longer allows posting of ticket prices or discount amounts on their site, so as a convenience we have added the following link for anyone who is not an SLS member to sign up on their site, by signing up this allows you to put yourself on any of PGC’s parties attending list which in return will make you eligible for any discounts offered for that party!! If your already an SLS member just follow the SLS links under each event below to redirect you to our posted parties and get on that attending list!! Note to SLS members: when clicking the below SLS links your SLS page must be open or it will take you to the SLS homepage. Sorry for the inconvenience and hope you find these links useful!!



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